Tooling a New Plastic Part

The tooling of a newly designed plastic part has many considerations that, if planned well, assure the part’s functionality, long-term quality, cost and availability.

Poly-Cast has a long, proven track-record of tooling a wide range of plastics parts used in many demanding and precision applications – from delicate Medical devices to rugged Automotive components.  Investing the time, up-front, to analyze and formulate the best tooling approach has made significant differences in the success of a part – from minimizing its cost, to minimizing material wastage and optimizing its functional performance and facilitating subsequent assembly with other parts.

Experience makes all the difference in getting the right tooling solution quickly and reliably – minimizing time-to-market and assuring a smooth production  start-up. Engineers that want to be correct in how they tool their new product have learned to trust and rely on Poly-Cast.

To discuss tooling a new plastic part with Poly-Cast, please provide some basic background information about your needs through our Inquiry Form. For further information or inquiries, contact Poly-Cast at (503) 620-9850.