Poly-Cast increases efficiency through automation

Posted by Website Admin on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Poly-Cast is taking a proactive approach to growth and innovation by reorganizing their operations to become more cost-effective and efficient. How are they accomplishing this? Through committed support by management and introducing creatively engineered solutions.

For the past three years, Poly-Cast has been aggressively seeking out ways to manage costs and labor inefficiencies by streamlining operations and adding equipment that saves time and money. Management identified three primary objectives that will allow Poly- Cast to achieve these goals including automation, robots and work cell maximization.

Poly-Cast recently acquired a Turner Group / Sepro 3 axis robot for a 500 ton press. The Sepro 3 is capable of picking and placing parts from the injection mold, inserting components into the injection mold and seamlessly integrating with secondary automation. The Sepro 3 joins other robots that were purchased in recent years and together all of them have saved more than 10 percent on man-hours. Furthermore, these robots are improving precision, accuracy of product and mitigating future cost increases to the customer.

Sepro 3

Simple strategies to improve efficiency, such as rearranging the floor plan, maximizing the space in the work cell and scheduling labor resourcefully, Poly-Cast not only improves the flow of the production system, but also realizes an additional five percent in labor savings on specific key products.

Poly-Cast has also built capacity in the machine shop and maintenance departments in ways that will support the new operational direction. They hired two mechanical engineers and a maintenance tech with strong electrical automation backgrounds and are in the process of providing additional training to current technical staff.

“We recognize the need for continuous improvement and creative solutions that not only improve our bottom line, but offers our clients the opportunity to achieve what they aspire to and provides them a competitive advantage,” said Dan Leedom, President of Poly-Cast. “These initiatives will benefit clients through a consistent manufacturing process, which insures quality as well as saving clients on their bottom line.”

And isn’t this the goal of business? The Poly-Cast team thinks so…

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