Poly-Cast Hosts Another Successful Lunch & Learn Event

Posted by Website Admin on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Poly-Cast Inc., Tigard OR:  Hosted their Fall Lunch & Learn series on November 5th at the Xenium HR headquarters in Tualatin, OR.  The topic was “Innovative Resin Solutions” and was presented by Tom Simon and Doug Hammond of the PolyOne Corporation, a nationally recognized leader in specialized polymer materials.  The event was attended by over 25 engineers, procurement specialist, and product designers from a diverse group of industries.  Tom & Doug discussed the unique properties of five specialty resin products, most impressive of which was the OnForce LFT long-fiber thermoplastic compounds which are optimized for surface finish, stiffness and impact strength.  These compounds offer higher performance and better aesthetics than similar products for use in applications involving the structural elements needed for metal replacement.  In addition, Tom and Doug introduced the group to four other specialty resins.

The first of these was the Static-Tech line of products; a group of electrically conductive plastics specifically engineered to provide antistatic, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and EMI/RFI shielding performance for critical electronic equipment applications.  The primary benefits of Stat-Tech formulations are: lower cost than machined components, reduced weight, corrosion/oxidation resistance, and design flexibility.

Next was a discussion about PolyOne’s Therma-Tech thermal management compounds which have been engineered to combine the heat transfer and cooling capabilities of metals with the design freedom, weigh reduction and cost advantages of thermoplastics.  Compared to metal, these compounds have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, reduced weight, lower costs, more complex shapes, and can reduce assembly costs.

The next product examined was of special interest to the group.  Gravi-Tech is a high density compound which uses polymer-metal composites offering a high-performance thermoplastic-based alternative to lead and traditional metals.  Using a variety of metallic fillers, these compounds have densities similar to traditional metals, while offering design and processing flexibility.

Finally Tom and Doug reviewed the benefits and advantages of PolyOne’s Magnetic Compounds for applications requiring magnetic or magnetic shielding properties.  Utilizing resins filled with strontium ferrite or neodymium iron boron, PolyOne is able to produce plastic parts in a wide variety of sizes and shapes typically not available in metal.

The event was a great success; a sincere “Thank you” to Tom Simon and Doug Hammond for their excellent presentation.  Watch your email for news of our next Lunch & Learn coming in March 2015.

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