Dan Leedom, President Poly-Cast, Inc.

Meet Dan Leedom, Poly-Cast President & CEO.

Dan Leedom grew up with plastic parts molding and customer satisfaction as a way of life. From the earliest days of his career, before taking the helm of the family business, he learned and internalized one crucial lesson: that the technical capabilities of a molding company are only one part of the overall customer satisfaction success formula.

This recognition is the foundation of his outstanding ability to communicate, listen and creatively formulate solutions to customer problems and needs. And this recognition also fuels his ongoing efforts to balance investment in the company to assure that all the ingredients required for satisfying customers get the support and tools they need – from quality certifications to sales responsiveness, employee training, information systems, manufacturing automation and improved press equipment. He is committed to assuring that investments in Poly-Cast are as much an investment in his customers’ successes, as they are his own.

Dan continues to ably lead the firm with a steady, visionary hand, occasionally finding time to pursue his two passions: restoring vintage cars and fly-fishing in the productive waters of the great northwest. He is simply one of those highly approachable people with a gentle way and boundless energy.

When you engage with Poly-Cast, Dan will be more than pleased to meet you, listen, understand your unique needs and rally the team to provide the support you need. That’s just the way he is, and that’s why he repeatedly earns Poly-Cast customer trust and loyalty.