Poly-Cast’s mission is to serve innovation-driven markets with high quality plastic molded parts. We will service those markets by providing rapid time-to-market responsiveness, engineering and design collaboration services, creative ideas on part functionality, advanced materials knowledge, rapid prototyping, operational flexibility and overall responsiveness.  We will invest in, and deliver, high value to our clients through these well-developed capabilities – becoming a strategic asset to our clients, enabling them to quickly achieve their targeted market leadership positions.


Poly-Cast will conduct itself consistent with the highest of business ethics and respect for the individual. Poly-Cast employees will:

  • Treat all employees, associates, customers and suppliers with respect
  • Optimize our capabilities through teamwork
  • Commit ourselves and our employees to learn and grow
  • Always strive to do our best
  • Have fun and smile!

“…I see these principles practiced every day by Poly-Cast employees. This is what makes Poly-Cast a wonderful place to work and makes me happy to be a part of the Poly-Cast family…”

— Elaine Andersen, 20-year employee