Poly-Cast Announces Tooling Innovation


Portland, OR: October 15, 2012

Poly-Cast, Inc., a leading Northwest manufacturer of injection molded plastic parts is pleased to announce a proprietary tooling breakthrough that has been proven to lower the cost of certain types of injection molded plastic parts by up to 35% and tooling cost up to 30%.

“We are delighted with what our engineering team has come up with. Over time, our customers will benefit greatly. It’s a win-win for all.” said Dan Leedom Poly-Cast CEO.

The Poly-Cast tooling solution significantly reduces material waste, eliminates the use of regrind and reduces the cycle time required to produce a completed part – all while maintaining the full integrity of the part’s mechanical and physical properties. The result is the ability to maintain part quality, while passing along significant cost savings to our customers. Such benefits are particularly applicable to parts using high-performance, expensive materials like Nylatron*.

The cost of injection molded plastic parts is largely dependent on two factors: the cost of the raw material and the molding machine cycle time. To minimize material cost, it is common practice to grind up and recycle excess plastic produced in the molding process and mix it back into the virgin material about to be melted. However, using recycled or regrind material often degrades the properties and quality of finished injection molded parts. The Poly-Cast approach eliminates these problems, reducing material and production costs.

John Schwend, Engineering Manager and leader of the development team said, “We are constantly working to assure our customers receive the best value for their investment and this solution not only provides that – but also furthers our industry’s concern for sustainability.”

For more information contact John Schwend, Engineering Manager at 503-624-4416 or email JSchwend@Poly-Cast.com. Let us know how Poly-Cast can help with your injection molded plastic parts needs. Simply click on the link to our inquiry form