Poly-Cast Announces Award for Environmental Stewardship

April 2, 2014, Tigard, Oregon

Denton Plastics, headquartered in Portland OR and regarded worldwide as a leader in plastics recycling and sustainability, has awarded Poly-Cast, Inc. their distinguished “Certificate of Environmental Stewardship” award.

Nicole Janssen, President of Denton Plastics stated; In 2013, Poly-Cast saved over 9235 barrels of oil, 3,271,329 kWh of energy, and 16,997 cubic yards of land fill space by utilizing 1,133,124 pounds of recycled resin.

Dan Leedom, CEO and owner of Poly-Cast commented; “I have long been a champion of responsibleaward environmental stewardship and it pleases me to know Poly-Cast had such a positive environmental impact in 2013. Recycled resin is a viable option for many of the products we manufacture and we will continue to move our clients in this direction when possible.”

Over the last 30 years Denton Plastics has established itself as a regional, national and international expert in developing environmentally responsible production processes and innovative plastics recycling solutions for businesses.

Poly-Cast is a respected 40 year old plastic injection molding company with facilities in both Tigard, OR and Suzhou China.


For more information contact Dan Leedom, CEO at 503-624-4443 or email DLeedom@Poly-Cast.com. To inquire about how Poly-Cast might help with your injection molded plastic parts needs, simply click on this link to our inquiry form.