Poly Cast Introduces Inventor’s Guide


May 1, 2012:  Tigard, Oregon

Poly-Cast, a Northwest high-quality producer of injection molded plastic parts, is pleased to announce that it has produced and made available an inventor’s guide for use by inventors and entrepreneurs who have a great new idea and need some guidance for how best to proceed with its commercialization. Entitled “Ideas to Reality”, it is designed not only to help entrepreneurs and inventors move through the process of developing high-quality plastic parts for their new ideas, but also to build a sound business plan.

In the words of Dan Leedom, Poly-Cast CEO, “We here at Poly-Cast are continually delighted and amazed by the creative ideas and products that people ask us to look at to assess their manufacturability.  We can tell you, first hand, that creativity, genius and the entrepreneurial spirit are alive and well in the United States of America.”

“We wish to help inventors achieve their dream”, he continued, “So, to help, we are offering “Ideas to Reality” to serve as a resource for creative entrepreneurs with a vision.”

To download a copy of “Ideas to Reality” simply click on the download link that follows. (download)


For more information contact:

Dan Leedom  at Dleedom@Poly-Cast.com