Inventor’s Portal

We here are Poly-Cast are continually delighted and amazed by the creative ideas and products that people ask us to look at to assess their manufacturability.  We can tell you, first hand, that creativity, genius and the entrepreneurial spirit are alive and well in the United States of America.

We, like you, hope that ultimately your idea will achieve the same acceptance and success as the Frisbee or the computer mouse. Both of these have become icons and integral parts of our country’s work and play culture – and they are largely plastic in composition.

We wish to help you achieve your dreams. So, to help inventors, and entrepreneurs with intriguing new ideas, Poly-Cast offers a free inventor’s guidebook entitled “Ideas to Reality” to serve as a resource for creative entrepreneurs with a dream.   We offer this guide to help you navigate the early stages of the development of your product idea.  Following its suggestions will assist you in building a strong foundation for winning investments and achieving success.

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